Orientation surprise!

Today was the first orientation meeting I was able to attend in person.  I was a little overwhelmed by how many Koreans there were in one room and surprised at how many guys there were compared to girls.  For those who know me, you understand that this was a nervous experience for me.  Meeting new people and embarking on a new journey together where I know no one??  Yikes!

Tour Korea

When we were checking in I thought I saw someone I knew, small with dark curly hair.  No way that it could be her right?  Someone I went to school with, enjoyed pomegranates and watched Fruits Basket and Bones with on cold winter nights?  But it was!  Although she’s going on different dates, my friend Jenna from college and the same sorority was there today!  This makes me feel a lot more comfortable that if I do want to talk to someone, there’s someone who isn’t a complete stranger.

SAE Jail
Megan, some guy I can’t remember and Jenna (L to R) at the U of M Jail and Bail.

One of the activities we covered today was journal keeping.  I’m not sure how I’ll do it but I’d like to keep a digital journal on my wordpress account.  I’ll make some of it public like things I want to see and buy (EVERYTHING SUPER JUNIOR and 2PM!) but maybe if other adoptees from the tour want to go digital, we can do logins to access certain parts of the website?  Not sure if I can manage it but I’ll look into it.


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