Red Velvet and Box Defeat

Ever since the Pumpkin Pie Incident, I’ve prided myself on making things from scratch. The only things I consider making from a box are non-Thanksgiving stuffing and pancakes/waffles. Chemicals help make cakes tender, moist and shelf stable for decades but not necessarily more delicious. Today I caved. Partially. Repurposing box cake mixes as cookies isn’t new but I figure it’s for a good cause (fundraising bake sale) and I didn’t really want to dye my hands red anyway. So I present Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies from Two Peas and Their Pod


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The deal with chocolate

A true way to check if someone is a friend is to ask if they know your least favorite foods. Sure it’s easy to notice what your friend always eats or would bite your hand off if you ever tried to sneak a nibble but do they know what you avoid like the plague? For J I know it’s mushrooms and turkey. Mine are things like onion, animals that were not mentioned in the traditional “Old McDonald’s Farm” ditty and chocolate. Feel free to gasp. Needless to say Valentine’s Day is not my favorite holiday.

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