Spam musubi


So I lied. There’s absolutely no baking involved in this post. I’ll try to get back into the blogging habit with a light post. This was actually a miracle that it came together since any project with Matt and myself in the kitchen typically ends in disaster. Continue reading


Stuffed Pretzel Bites

Looking back I realized I didn’t finish sharing my October projects. It was a busy month with 40th anniversary celebration for the University of Minnesota Aikido Club and the very chilly Monster Dash sponsored by Team Ortho. M won a nifty little trophy for her wind-up doll costume and my double hair buns held for a loose interpretation of Minnie Mouse.

Anyhoo, the point was Stuffed Pretzel Bites. Yes you can make these at home instead of buying them frozen from the store. Sorta. I cheated and used frozen bread dough but please do not substitute with Grands Biscuits. It may work for substituting in doughnuts and other flaky items but its just not the right texture. Continue reading