New blog, new adventures!

For future Korea travels, I’ll be posting mostly on my new blog Hello 어머니.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep the worlds of baking and Korea separate.  Maybe they’ll cross paths every now and then?


Valentine’s Treats

So this year I had a lot of treats to make. The boy is on a strict low fat ridiculous “I’m going to build lots of muscle” diet and I have a lot of classmates and coworkers. So what’s a girl to so when she has a limited budget? Pretzel bites!


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The deal with chocolate

A true way to check if someone is a friend is to ask if they know your least favorite foods. Sure it’s easy to notice what your friend always eats or would bite your hand off if you ever tried to sneak a nibble but do they know what you avoid like the plague? For J I know it’s mushrooms and turkey. Mine are things like onion, animals that were not mentioned in the traditional “Old McDonald’s Farm” ditty and chocolate. Feel free to gasp. Needless to say Valentine’s Day is not my favorite holiday.

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Pinterest the 1st: Nutella Puffs

I joined Pinterest a few months ago and obviously started pinning like crazy. (No, I didn’t go all crazy and start planning a wedding). I found amazing recipes and beautiful photographs that I would never hope to compete with. I realized that I can try the desserts and one day I could. It a nice camera. So my first project was Nutrlla Cream Puffs by The Sweet Art.

The results were delicious. I didn’t have fancy cinnamon but I don’t think anyone cared. It’s now a fallback recipe for celebrations or gatherings where cookies don’t quite cut it.

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