September Madness Part 1

So the month of September has come and gone. I know I’ve been slacking in writing but to make it up, I have details from 3 (count ’em 3!) projects for the month.

Pumpkin Cookies


I’ll start with the less detailed first. At the beginning of the month we had the last cowboy action shoot at Bald Eagle Shooting Association in Hugo, MN. I was looking for a fall treat that wasn’t too sweet and that guys would find appealing. The winner was Martha Stewart’s pumpkin cookie with brown butter frosting. The cookies were very moist and the frosting didn’t set well so they were difficult to transport. The solution? Pumpkin whoopie pies. No I’m not kidding and yes I will make these again in the future.
I loved how flavorful and moist the cookies were. I would definitely make the again as whoopie pies but maybe as half a recipe. The batter lost some of its lift after the first few pans had been pushed through. Or maybe an excuse to enlist a helper and a second oven?

Next up was a celebration potluck for P-sensei from AoM. The guest requested chocolate ugh! and I was looking for a challenge. I tried the Mallomars from Gale Grand and Tartlette from an old Daring Baker’s challenge a few years ago for an engagement party and ended up with a tough cookie that was very small and impossible to dip in chocolate without coating at least 2 knuckles worth of your fingers. read DISASTER!

Wiser and short on time, I doubled the size of the cookie and used real chocolate/followed the recipe for chocolate glazing. Cookie was still tough but it made dipping easier.

Aside from the marshmallow fiasco (that almost disabled my sink) this second try was a lot better. The guests seemed pleased with the results even if the cookie was a little tough.


Although tasty, I would not choose to make these cookies by recipe again. The cookie was tough and the chocolate coating was difficult to bite into. Then again that may have been a function of how big the cookie was. It was like a 3 bite monster. Maybe dip a marshmallow puff in chocolate then set onto cinnamon shortbread? Easier than dipping cookies and praying the marshmallow doesn’t fall off right? Live and learn for next time.

That concludes the September recap for now. I promise savory next time with pizza stuffed pretzel rolls.


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